A magnificent holiday destination

Silivri, a city which stretches along the Sea of Marmara, is Turkeys holiday paradise. A popular summer resort for numerous residents of Istanbul, it simply draws people with its very long coast.

Located only an hour and a half away from Turkeys jewel, Istanbul, Silivri is blessed with many holiday resorts and country clubs with sports facilities such as horse riding centers and tennis clubs. For those who come wishing to relax, the clubs offer a wide range of wellness treatments and spas where your only job would be to relax.

Since it is so close to Istanbul, it is also an ideal place for families to come and relax after hard days in the city. Fresh sea air, hotels of the finest quality such as the Erkanli Country resort and restaurants with delicious seaside food, one of the most popular is Capari restaurant, are just some of the reasons for people to come and spend time together while enjoying their view of the wonderful coast.